Traffic congestion is one of the most prevalent transport problems in big municipalities across the world. Bangkok is listed as one of the worst traffic in the world. The research found that people in Bangkok spend time on the road around 21 days per year and 36.07% of an average travel time is spent in idling.

TSquare Traffic Information Application can help travelers by providing the most accurate traffic information in Thailand. Our traffic information comes from more than 140,000 GPS probes across the country and more than 10,000 GPS probes from Taxi in Bangkok. Travelers can be assured to receive the highest accuracy and quality from our services.

TSquare Business Timeline

We have expanded our business overseas as well such as in UAE and KSA.

In present, we have expanded our business into Logistics market. By utilizing our traffic information, we provide vehicle route planning services to logistics customers in Thailand. We have developed e-Logistics Platform which integrates vehicle route planning, vehicle management system and monitoring dashboard together to create total logistics solutions.