Frequently Asked Questions

TSquare Application

1. I cannot register TSquare account

ANS: Please check your junk mail for email from TSquare to activate your account. If you cannot find it, please contact our team at 02-639-3500 Ext 533 or email at We will activate account for you.

2. I forget password

ANS: Please click “Forget Password” button and we will send email to change password to you. You can simply enter new password and log in with your new password. If you cannot find change password email, please check junk mail.

3. I did not receive SMS code from TRUE YOU, but the points were already deducted from my account.

ANS: Please contact our team at 02-639-3500 Ext. 533 or email at Please provide us with your TSquare account (email or username) and telephone number. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

4. If I change my mind, can I get my TRUE YOU point back?

ANS: In case you change your mind, you can get your point back by contact TRUE YOU directly.